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Monthly Archives: February 2006

Beautiful Foundations

I was in downtown Franklin today to pay our water bill at the City of Franklin complex. (We don’t live in the city limits [yet] but we do get our water from Franklin.) Anyway, they have a multilevel parking garage so I started up looking for a space. There were some narrow ones but I […]

God is Never a Third Party

I have had a bookmark on a particular page in Kierkegaard for a couple weeks because I didn’t want to lose that page until I had made a note on it. Today I am making that note, then reading on. I’m not sure I’ve got everything out of it yet, probably not, but at least […]

Women of Gee’s Bend

We saw a documentary on Nashville WNPT channel 8 about the women of Gee’s Bend, Alabama and about the quilts they have been making for generations. The program was very interesting and informative, but the biggest thing about the thing was the love and faith that was communicated by the women. I am filing this […]

Resurrection Lilies

Some of my favorite flowers are resurrection lilies. We also can call them surprise lilies. This is not the first I have posted about them. See this story. Anyway, this morning, much to my surprise, I saw them beginning to pop up in the yard. It is still early February after all. They are so […]

Love is First

Love is first, last and everywhere in between. Love is our business, our pleasure, our arts and sciences, our dream and reality. If we do not have enough love we usually look for more. If we think we have less love now than we did before we go looking for where we lost it. Sometimes […]