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Music Night on Elliston Place

On the spur of the moment I tagged along with my friend Steve to a music listening room in “almost downtown”, Elliston Place in Nashville. I didn’t even know where we were going till we got there. Steve had passes to see and hear John Davis. He’s a music journalist so he does a lot of music listening.
(Photos below)

There were two opening acts for Davis … I thought, gee we are going to have to sit through these other guys too. Turned out I was glad to sit through their music. Justin Earle started. He was pretty loose and comfortable on the stage. He told us about his plans to go into the studio to make a new album this summer. His manner was so easy and familiar he sounded like a tradesman letting us know he had a dry-wall job next month. Justin was a little rough around the edges but that’s the way he means to be. He is good that way. One song, he introduced by saying it was supposed to be a gospel song but didn’t turn out gospel, then he went on to say he had written a new album and the songs were of a “confessional” nature. That is they were confessions but not his confessions. He would never tell whatever it is he really did. Ok, Justin, whose confessions will they be then? Oh well, whosever they are I’m sure people will love it.

Now the next group was The Violet Burning from Long Beach, California. They were loud, they were good and they were serious. Their music was perfect, lots of white noise at the right places. Lead singer Michael Pritzl made a good impression. Everybody liked them. After they played I spoke to Michael and let him know how much I appreciated what they are doing. Also we had a nice conversation with one of their biggest fans in Nashville. He had noticed Randi with his professional camera and so he came over to let him know the band could use some good press. I thought I might could help by writing about them in my blog, so I said I would and here I am doing it.

[edited] Oh, I forgot something I was going to mention. During a couple of non-vocal spaces on one of their songs these guys did this thing where they would mill around the stage leaning over with the instruments hanging way down almost to the floor. It was very … well, fetching, if you take my drift. To me it bespoke humilty, servanthood. It was very effective. [end edit]

Now for the headliner, John Davis. I’m sure I will write more about John after I have exposed myself to some more of his recorded music. Meanwhile, I must say emphatically I enjoyed his band, his songs and his attitude. He is very personable and very human. He’s a natural talent and a diligent servant. He gave credit to our Lord and Savior who, he said, saved his life.

Saved my life too John. Thanks for the music and thanks for being there.

{again with the edit} Randi Anglin graciously allowed me to use some pictures he took that night. See his web site. Randi’s got real nice photographs of some rock and blues legends, as well as some other interesting subjects.
Justin Earle.
© 2006 Randi Anglin

The Violet Burning.
© 2006 Randi Anglin

John Davis.
© 2006 Randi Anglin