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Be Careful Where You Leave Your Used Domain Names

I wanted to make a sister site to my Spririt of Prayer web site so I tried to buy the name spiritoflove. Well it was not available in the dot com, dot net, and dot everythingelse except dot ws. WS is supposed to signify “web site”. So I bought that. I put the site up on that name and developed it somewhat. I did some graphics and put some essays I wrote along with some public domain texts that I like about, what else, the Spirit of Love. Eventually I decided that was one of the names I would give up (partially an economy decision). Besides I never did warm up to the ws family of domains. I felt it was a second-class citizen sort of domain. Plus, well … just try to pronounce it.

I moved the material from the site into Spirit of Prayer and let the name expire. I had owned it for two or three years, I think. I changed the link on my web sites … well, all but one page that I forgot. And there’s the didactic lesson for you. Learn from my mistake. I left it on my “Donation Page.” That’s the page where I put the best face on my web volunteer work, the free work I do for good causes here and abroad. Then recently, I did something I do once in a blue moon. I sent an email asking some friends if they wanted to help by donating to this poor web guy. I gave them the link in my email. Then, as an afterthought, I checked the links on the donation page. The links to the sites I keep up for the Kingdom of God and the good of humankind, and I found that my old name, unused by me but still on the page, currently transports me smack dab into the middle of the world of cyber-nudism galore, pictures and all. Someone had snatched up my used domain and is using it in the cause of something completely different than I did. Touting the benefits of various nudist resorts. Don’t go there.

Well, doncha know I pulled up my ftp client and whipped that little bugger out of there lickety-split. So, be careful where you leave your used domains laying around. Preferably pick names you want to keep a while, then keep them.

It’s a bully pulpit, the web, isn’t it?