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Why Do People Do Things with Noise Added?

Why do people do things noisily when they could just as easily do them quietly?
I work in a place where library quiet is required of us. We have groups of people in rooms trying to concentrate on their work. There are no cubicles, just six foot tables, two workers to a table.
Now it’s not supposed to be what you’d call quiet as a morgue; it’s just supposed to be quiet so we can concentrate on our work.
So here’s what I’ve noticed:

  • Flopping folders down on tables, when quiet placement would suffice
  • Tossing liquid-filled drink containers into trash cans from a distance
  • Clacking chairs against table legs, when quiet sliding would be easier
  • Door slamming entering and leaving, when careful handling would be much more polite

What’s up with all that? Passive-agression or what?
Shall I make a movie to illustrate?