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To Put a Picture in your WordPress Weblog

Open your picture in Irfanview and resize it to at most 400 pixels wide, if it’s larger than that. If it’s smaller do not resize it.)
To do this

  • click in the horizontal menu “Image” then “Resize/Resample”.
  • Then in the dialog box that popped up make sure the “Set new size” button is selected.
  • Also make sure the “Units” “pixels” button is selected.
  • Then change the width to 400 pixels or less. I say this because often a larger picture will get the WordPress page out of alignment.
  • When you set the width you should see the height adjust itself in proportion. If it doesn’t
  • Check the box below that says “Preserve aspect ratio”
  • Hit “OK” You should see the picture shrink.
  • Now go to “File” then “Save as”.
  • Name your picture with a descriptive name like “autumnleaves400px”. That tells you what it is when you are looking for it and tells you it is 400 pixels wide. (You’ll thank me for this advice later.) Be sure to save it in a folder that you can find when looking for it later, like “My Pictures/picsforblog” or some such.

Now you are ready to log into WordPress.

  • Logged in, start a new post (or edit a pre-existing post or page) and decide where you want to place your pictures in the post. If you want text above the picture then type your text first.
  • Look below the text box and click where it says “Upload”, then click “Browse”. That will give you a browse box to find the picture on your hard disc.
  • Find the picture you save earlier, select it and click “OK”
  • Then type a descriptive name for the picture in the “Title” area and a more descriptive phrase in the “description” area.
  • Click “Upload” and wait.
  • Now you should see a small version of your picture. If you don’t click “Browse” or “Browse All”.
  • Where it says “Show” click “Full size”. If you want the Title you entered to show then click “Title” also.
  • Where it says “Link” click “none”.
  • Now click “Send to editor”.

Continue typing below the picture and go on till you want another picture, then repeat the process.