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About this Weblog

Love Life Word Work: I tried to sum up everything I could possibly write about in those four words. The words are symmetrical and alliterative. Somehow, once I started trying to compose the title they had to be that way. My aesthetic sensibilities.
And my tagline, “Notes to the World in General and to People in Particular”: what’s that all about?  The world is, after all, made up of particular people, not just generic categories of people. For more about that see my essay on lies that I wrote a few years ago.
I found a real handsome theme for my WordPress blog. It was made by a guy named Scott who keeps a web site called Pretty cool name, I think. Only thing I did to the theme to change it was to right-align the right-hand menu. Oh yeah, I put a vertical line in there between the content and the sidebar.
So this is my weblog. I hope you find something interesting and helpful in it.

Joseph William Perry, Flowery Branch, Georgia