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Rope Tow

When I was a teen I liked to ski. I wanted to be a real skier and race down the big hills. But in order to race down the big hills one had to learn on the little hills. I remember in the northern city where we lived there were two hills for winter sports. […]

Expecting the Impossible

I love a quote that agrees with me and so I love this quote from Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling. No, not one shall be forgotten who was great in the world. But each was great in his own way, and each in proportion to the greatness of that which he loved. For he who loved […]


In our early morning study-prayer group we have been working on this little book for more than a year now. We take a couple pages each week, reading and discussing and talking about our lives, praying for each other before we leave. The book is TrueFaced written by the team of Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol, […]

The Edge of the Sword We Dance On

When I was a child I went with my family to a performance of Scottish highland music and dance. I liked it just fine but I kept thinking, when are they going to do the sword dance? I was all ready to see the guys come out and swing swords around, dancing around and swashbuckling […]

Wood Buddy Jumps the Empire State Building

This is my good friend Wood Buddy. He likes to try new things. On this particular day he is inspired by the Olympic Games. He wants to jump the Empire State Building. Too bad, Wood Buddy. Try again another time.

Jon Aquino Reading Jon Donne

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That’s Your Number!

I was riding down to the country with my friend Eric. We talked about all kinds of things. Did our work. Told each other all kinds of things. Learned things about each other’s lives. All in a day’s incidental conversation. But there comes a time when a friend has to tell a friend something he […]

Two roof panels blew off

Creative Self-Portraiture

Taking pictures of myself has never been my favorite thing. As a matter of fact it’s been my least favorite thing. I’ve always been dissatisfied and ashamed of pictures of myself—I would rather not look at them nor distribute them. Now on the other hand, I am not averse to others taking pictures of me. […]

Field Guide to Evangelicals

There are many ways to love your neighbor into change and spiritual growth, and Joel Kilpatrick does it best with satire. I thought Californians were supposed to be mellow and laid back but Joel has the proverbial elbow in your ribs the whole way through this book, A Field Guide to Evangelicals and Their Habitat. […]

Resurrection Lilies 2007

We put them in a line in the side yard and we got five stem-fulls out of seven. Here are my annual pictures. Also called surprise lilies.  

Memories of Jeanie F.

The scene is upstate N.Y., church camp, 1964. It seems like it was just yesterday. Here’s the podcast of it: [To see the text while listening, right-click and open the file in another window, or save the file and listen with Windows Media or put it on your portable listening device, or whatever.] Memories of […]

Job Wanted

I am available to work part-time as a clerical assistant. Online communications are my forte. Church, institution or small enterprise, if I can believe in your efforts. 15 to 25 hours per week. In your office, Nashville or Franklin, and/or from my home computer. Online Portfolio Click here to get in touch with me.

Stars by God

I’m down in Perry county for two days, in the house on Bunker Hill Standing Rock Road. I’m working, writing, reading, taking pictures. Sporadically, two or three times as evening came on, I stepped outside to check the weather. Now it’s all the way dark and I step out again, barefooted, gingerly leaning out in […]

Image of Josephine by Booth Tarkington

Even the most unassuming books often have one passage outstanding in its perspicacity. This is from Image of Josephine by Booth Tarkington, 1945. His deeper suspicion was of Josephine Oaklin’s own gullibility—about herself. Was she one of those people who so determinedly gild themselves that they see themselves shining, all gold? Was she one of […]

Daylilies with Angel

In our back yard. Daylily, pokeweed, angel on concrete pilaster. Click to enlarge.

Hamilton, New York

I am sitting in a coffee house in Hamilton, New York. I am full of memories and also full of the sights of today. It’s a classic New York state small town, a college town. The lady who owns the place doesn’t know anything about the Sugar Bowl cafe that was here in the fifties. […]