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Monthly Archives: September 2006

As Seriously as Our Shredded Dignity Demands, Part Three

For me the habit of rising late in the morning, turning on the television and sitting there ‘bone idle’ is just about the guiltiest-feeling things one could do. According to my anxious conscience, non-industriousness is one of the most shameful sins. Mind you, I’m not saying my conscience helps me be more industrious—it doesn’t. I’m […]

As Seriously as Our Shredded Dignity Demands, Part Two

The next paragraph from Dallas Willard’s The Divine Conspiracy: Unlike egotism, the drive to significance is a simple extension of the creative impulse of God that gave us being. It is not filtered through self-consciousness any more than is our lunge to catch a package falling from someone’s hand. It is outwardly directed to the […]

As Seriously as Our Shredded Dignity Demands, Part One

This morning after checking my email and my ebay I sat down in front of the television with coffee and got pulled in by a British movie about a socially backward government functionary and a quiet younger lady with whom he was attempting to socialize. After a couple of quiet dates with her he invites […]

The Omnipotent Co-Worker

We all have co-workers; we have many kinds of co-working relationships. Some of our work relationships are supposed to be egalitarian, most are not nonetheless. Co-working has many ramifications; not all of us are good at it. Remember the scores we got on our report cards for “Works well with others”? I don’t remember what […]