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Monthly Archives: April 2006

Dear John in a Squeeky Voice, or Bent on Self-Immolation

In the Peanuts comic strip, one of the kids (Lucy or Linus?) used to make a habit of telling the Beethoven-playing Schoeder that what people really want to hear is ‘waltzes, schottisches, and polkas’. And they were quite right, in more ways than we know. But I want to add one more kind to the […]

Can Boys and Girls Be Friends?

Can Boys and Girls Be Friends? Yes! And I’m ready to prove it, or die trying. The place I work is a little like summer camp—it’s a fun place where we are free to make friends with men and women alike. Admittedly we don’t make friends with everyone, but some people we have an affinity […]

The View from the PowerPoint Perch

I am a PowerPoint volunteer at my church. It is a kind of invisible job, but it is far-reachng in scope. I do it about once a month, sitting behind a narrow desk on the front edge of the balcony. I sit below and in front of the sound desk so the people behind me […]