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Two Books About Life-Changers

I recently happened on two books about two men. I had never heard of either book or either man before I saw these books, but in both cases just a little page-flipping made me want to know about them, the circumstances of their early lives and the events that changed their lives so that they […]

Jack: A Life of C. S. Lewis

Jack: A Life of C. S. Lewis was published in 1988—25 years after the death of its subject. I had been hearing of it for many years when I finally got a copy this year (2011). It was a present from my fiance (now wife); she got it for me after finding me reading it […]

“Write or Die” application

I found a new web app called Write or Die. It “encourages” you to keep on writing and not stop. Here’s what I wrote on it: Yeah, I think it’s time for me to stop messing around and start writing. That’s the way I’ve been feeling lately. This is an app that forces you to […]

Novelists Against Churchianity

I wrote a review of three books on a common theme. The authors are Booth Tarkington, Harold Bell Wright, and the team of Wayne Jacobsen and Dave Coleman. The article is posted on my dotlove website, which is devoted to Christianity, love and the media.

True and False

The reason why so many false effects are credited to the moon is that there are some true, as the tide. Blaise Pascal, in the Pensées

Shepherd of the Hills

I got a copy (from a yard sale) of a beautiful book by Harold Bell Wright. Shepherd of the Hills was his second book, and was followed by others I haven’t read yet that sequel it. It’s a story of love, regret, atonement, but mostly, in my view, love. Of course I tend to see […]

Augustine’s Version of Yin and Yang

From Augustine’s Handbook on Faith, Hope and Love: In this universe, even what is called evil, when it is rightly ordered and kept in its place, commends the good more eminently, since good things yield greater pleasure and praise when compared to the bad things. For the Omnipotent God, whom even the heathen acknowledge as […]

That’s the One Who Ain’t

I’ve been looking at some various discussions about whether God exists or not – arguments against His existence and arguments against the arguments. They always give the attributes of the God they are going to disprove—as if someone who doesn’t exist has attributes. Anyway, it all reminds me of a little routine we used to […]

Writing Regularly

Since I started my other weblog, Open Source Love, I’ve been writing about four posts a week on it. (I don’t write that often here.) I don’t know that they are all of the highest quality but they are there and I am writing. The original premise is that love is a universal constant with […]

The Truth You Know You Know

This post is way overdue. I first met Ken Rideout several years ago and have loved him ever since. Ken spent many years learning about and learning to love the people of Thailand. He says, when asked, his calling is a teacher of God’s love. He learned to connect with folks who have no idea […]

Camus’ Stranger and Me

A few months ago I picked up the Stranger by Albert Camus. I had heard of him and the book so I wanted to see how the book was. I was somewhat prepared because of course I knew it was about the alienation of people from one another. But I was not well enough prepared. […]

As Seriously as Our Shredded Dignity Demands, Part Three

For me the habit of rising late in the morning, turning on the television and sitting there ‘bone idle’ is just about the guiltiest-feeling things one could do. According to my anxious conscience, non-industriousness is one of the most shameful sins. Mind you, I’m not saying my conscience helps me be more industrious—it doesn’t. I’m […]

As Seriously as Our Shredded Dignity Demands, Part Two

The next paragraph from Dallas Willard’s The Divine Conspiracy: Unlike egotism, the drive to significance is a simple extension of the creative impulse of God that gave us being. It is not filtered through self-consciousness any more than is our lunge to catch a package falling from someone’s hand. It is outwardly directed to the […]

As Seriously as Our Shredded Dignity Demands, Part One

This morning after checking my email and my ebay I sat down in front of the television with coffee and got pulled in by a British movie about a socially backward government functionary and a quiet younger lady with whom he was attempting to socialize. After a couple of quiet dates with her he invites […]

Be Careful Where You Leave Your Used Domain Names

I wanted to make a sister site to my Spririt of Prayer web site so I tried to buy the name spiritoflove. Well it was not available in the dot com, dot net, and dot everythingelse except dot ws. WS is supposed to signify “web site”. So I bought that. I put the site up […]

The View from the PowerPoint Perch

I am a PowerPoint volunteer at my church. It is a kind of invisible job, but it is far-reachng in scope. I do it about once a month, sitting behind a narrow desk on the front edge of the balcony. I sit below and in front of the sound desk so the people behind me […]

God is Never a Third Party

I have had a bookmark on a particular page in Kierkegaard for a couple weeks because I didn’t want to lose that page until I had made a note on it. Today I am making that note, then reading on. I’m not sure I’ve got everything out of it yet, probably not, but at least […]