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Monthly Archives: November 2008

“Write or Die” application

I found a new web app called Write or Die. It “encourages” you to keep on writing and not stop. Here’s what I wrote on it: Yeah, I think it’s time for me to stop messing around and start writing. That’s the way I’ve been feeling lately. This is an app that forces you to […]


In our early morning study-prayer group we have been working on this little book for more than a year now. We take a couple pages each week, reading and discussing and talking about our lives, praying for each other before we leave. The book is TrueFaced written by the team of Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol, […]

The Edge of the Sword We Dance On

When I was a child I went with my family to a performance of Scottish highland music and dance. I liked it just fine but I kept thinking, when are they going to do the sword dance? I was all ready to see the guys come out and swing swords around, dancing around and swashbuckling […]

To Put a Picture in your WordPress Weblog

Open your picture in Irfanview and resize it to at most 400 pixels wide, if it’s larger than that. If it’s smaller do not resize it.) To do this click in the horizontal menu “Image” then “Resize/Resample”. Then in the dialog box that popped up make sure the “Set new size” button is selected. Also […]