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I found this in The Devotions of Bishop Andrewes on Christian Classics Ethereal Library. When I started reading this Confession I wept bitter but cleansing tears. The words touched me at such a deep level, triggering a very much needed spirit of repentance. Let me invite you to read, confess and repent. Essence beyond essence, […]

Shepherd of the Hills

I got a copy (from a yard sale) of a beautiful book by Harold Bell Wright. Shepherd of the Hills was his second book, and was followed by others I haven’t read yet that sequel it. It’s a story of love, regret, atonement, but mostly, in my view, love. Of course I tend to see […]

Open Source Love

I have jumped into the blogger pool and have made a new weblog called Open Source Love. It’s about the universality of love, the basis of natural law and all law, for that matter. Really love the is the root of all life on earth, the best thing—really the only thing. I want to develop […]


Purity is concerned with touching in love, not refraining from touch.

How Do I Know I Am Lovable?

How do I know I am lovable? A lady brought it up at Wednesday night prayer service this past week. She said, “You are lovable; don’t let anyone tell you that you are not.” I thanked her for it afterwards. Then out on the front steps I stumbled into a small discussion that included her […]

Can Boys and Girls Be Friends?

Can Boys and Girls Be Friends? Yes! And I’m ready to prove it, or die trying. The place I work is a little like summer camp—it’s a fun place where we are free to make friends with men and women alike. Admittedly we don’t make friends with everyone, but some people we have an affinity […]

Love on the Afghan/Italian Border

I have been listening with much trepidation concerning Abdul Rahman, the Afghan man put on trial for his faith. I heard Sunday, first on the radio then in church, that he was found mentally incompetent to stand trial and released. Thank God and thank you wise Afghan judge. Good call, I pray God’s protection and […]

Love is First

Love is first, last and everywhere in between. Love is our business, our pleasure, our arts and sciences, our dream and reality. If we do not have enough love we usually look for more. If we think we have less love now than we did before we go looking for where we lost it. Sometimes […]