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Women of Gee’s Bend

We saw a documentary on Nashville WNPT channel 8 about the women of Gee’s Bend, Alabama and about the quilts they have been making for generations. The program was very interesting and informative, but the biggest thing about the thing was the love and faith that was communicated by the women.

I am filing this post under the category Work but it’s about love too. These women worked skillfully and creatively on these quilts but they didn’t really think so highly of their work until, through a sequence of events beyond their power, they and their quilts became famous.

There is a major museum show of their work, a major book and now the documentary. It is remarkable. It’s also more than remarkable how the love and thankfulness shines through. As I was watching I felt these women could be my mothers and sisters. Every woman interviewed displayed an inclusive relational attitude. It is also very apparent that the Christianity they espouse is deeply held and lived out.

I am posting this under my Work category but it is really just as much about love.

Here are some sites with information:
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