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Can Boys and Girls Be Friends?

Can Boys and Girls Be Friends? Yes! And I’m ready to prove it, or die trying.

The place I work is a little like summer camp—it’s a fun place where we are free to make friends with men and women alike. Admittedly we don’t make friends with everyone, but some people we have an affinity for, or with. That is good.

And sometimes people get crushes on other people, but that’s … OK. We just remember what Stuart Smalley used to say on SNL, ‘people like me’. And it’s not just funny men who say that.

I have men friends too. I enjoy the company of men and, let’s face it, I feel a little more comfortable with men friends. Not because I like them more or favor them, but just because … well … they are kind of like old shoes. You just feel more comfortable.

With friends of the opposite sex there can certainly be twinges of anxiety. To me that is built in. It goes with the territory. It’s a function of eros—or quite simply, la difference. [just put a Maurice Chevalier accent on that phrase and you've got it]

But it is worth the trouble because each gender is only half the population of the earth and that’s a lot of people to not be friends with.

So let’s do, OK?

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  1. rosie wrote:

    i agree. my best friend is a boy, i fancied him but hedidnt feel thesameway, we areeven closer now. of course there are things i dislike abouthim, but thts not because ofhis sex!lol this was interesting 2 read

    Friday, May 19, 2006 at 1:54 pm | Permalink