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Throwed Rolls et al

Around Christmas when we were planning to go to the Gulf Coast to visit family, my friend Beth told me to be sure to go to the place where they have the throwed rolls. Well, sure enough we went to Foley but Lambert’s Cafe was closed that day. I think it was Christmas Eve. So we didn’t eat there; didn’t have a choice really. But we did take some pictures. I took them for Beth to prove to her that I really do listen to what she says.

Now the throwed roll thing has catapulted all out of proportion. My friend Rex went to the Gulf Coast with his wife and wrote about it on his weblog. I read it and left a comment asking if he had gone to Lambert’s to catch any throwed rolls. Well, he didn’t, but darned if he didn’t just have to write a whole weblog entry about all the ramifications of having one’s food thrown at one, even though he nor I have ever been there. See Rex’s blog here.

For what it’s worth I have two reviews filed away in my mental archives about Lambert’s Cafe. My cousin-in-law Linda says it’s OK but it’s not worth the money. On the other hand her dad says it’s great and it’s worth every bit of the money.

So there you are. Here’s the picture.

Throwed Rolls

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  1. r.l.camino wrote:

    People I’ve heard from seem to like the food quite a bit. However, I still don’t know that I’ll ever try the one in Foley, as there is so much fresh seafood to be had all around. Maybe I’ll give it a shot during a stay in Foley that lasts long enough for me to tire of seafood.

    Sunday, May 21, 2006 at 10:07 am | Permalink