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Rat Poison

I knew there were mice here—one of them was working the night shift in the bedroom as I tried to sleep as all mice are wont to do. I thought, I gotta do something about this, but I didn’t want to use mouse traps because I didn’t want him smelling up the place till I got around to removing him.Mousegate
Then one evening as I wrote on my computer I saw one of them dart across the floor and I thought, that’s a big one. So I resolved to use rat poison.
On my way down the next time which was last week, I stopped at the farm store and looked at the selection of rat poisons. There were several choices and the instructions were displayed in such fine print, that I decided to ask advice from the owner. He said get the ones in the bags; just crack the bag and leave it out. Large bag $1.50, box of ten small bags $7.50. I got the box of small bags—more kills for the money, I thought.
When I got ready to leave the house after my visit I put out three bags, cracked them and left them in strategic out of the way places. I put the box up on a shelf to save for another time, in case there are any rats left alive after this treatment. I thought, I hope the rat gets a taste of these and crawls off to die someplace far away.
When I came back the little bags were empty; I thought, boy oh boy, he’s taken the bait.
He took the bait alright—he ate all the bait in the bags I left out, then found the box, opened it and ate all the remaining packs too.
And there he was floating in one of my auxiliary water buckets in the bathroom. Later, while I was writing on my computer I saw one of his pardners strolling around just as well as you please. It cost me $7.50 plus tax to exterminate one large mouse.