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Decent Heat

Note to myself: Get some decent heat in this place.
There’s a gas space heater in the living room – vented to the outside, it heats up real nicely. But it only heats up two parts of the house very well – (1 )the spot right in front of it and (2) the upstairs hall, because of the open balcony space. So one would either have to stand right in front of the thing, like one would warm oneself at a fireplace, or go upstairs go the upstairs hall. The upstairs bedrooms get a little heat too. But the whole downstairs gets almost no benefit from the gas stove.
Last night I didn’t turn it on, partly because I didn’t think it would be too cold and partly because I didn’t think it would do much good. I was wrong on the first count – it was cold. I had moved the bed downstairs (because I didn’t think it would be cold anymore this season) and I had to add blankets as the night went on. As it happened, the blankets I had with me were the heavyweight kind that don’t hold in much heat. Give me a lightweight goose down comforter any day.
Oh, and here’s an update on the rat poison issue. I brought one package with me this time and put it on the floor by the water heater before going to bed. This morning the package was gone – dragged off by what I could imagine to be some giant-sized mouse. Later I did see it under the bathtub and it had been broken into, so I am satisfied it is doing its work.