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Love on the Afghan/Italian Border

I have been listening with much trepidation concerning Abdul Rahman, the Afghan man put on trial for his faith. I heard Sunday, first on the radio then in church, that he was found mentally incompetent to stand trial and released. Thank God and thank you wise Afghan judge. Good call, I pray God’s protection and provision on you.

Now Mr. Rahman has gone to Italy for asylum. Again thank God and thank you Italy. Tears welled up into my eyes when I heard. The moral, spiritual and poetic ramifications are far-reaching.

Italy, you have done well. Any country could have, and would have, but you got there first and here’s the great thing: it is more a blessing for you than it is for him. He might have died (blessed) at the hands of the Afghan government. Or, upon being released, he might have gone to his house and been murdered and still would have been counted blessed for his courage and faithfulness. But now you, Rome, can be counted blessed. You have the blessing of this courageous man resting on you. I hope you will bear it well and humbly.