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The Truth You Know You Know

This post is way overdue. I first met Ken Rideout several years ago and have loved him ever since.

Karyn, Ken, RalphKen spent many years learning about and learning to love the people of Thailand. He says, when asked, his calling is a teacher of God’s love. He learned to connect with folks who have no idea of Western culture or Biblical authority by appealing to their sense of natural law, or the law of karma. In this way, with non-judgmental love and personal approach, he led teams that helped change people’s lives individually and collectively.

Then, two or three years ago a heavenly match was made between Ken and the Henleys, Ralph and Karyn. Together they finished and published Ken’s book The Truth You Know You Know. This is a book aimed at Christians interested in learning how to share faith with others in different cultures, and in our pluralistic culture right here and now.

I was blessed to receive the Henley’s hospitality on more than one occasion, interacting with Ken about these lessons and others. [Those were good times. Thanks, Karyn and Ralph.]

One of Ken’s sayings is that the gospel of Jesus Christ is “self-validating,” which means that it rings true quite naturally in the hearts of persons, even though they might never have heard anything about it before. People take it in and accept it because it fits.

Here’s the web site: Ken Rideout: The Truth You Know You Know

Now for the rest of the story. While Karyn Henley was “sitting at his feet” as she says about the time she worked with Ken preparing the book for publication, she managed to internalize the teaching so well she decided, with Ken’s support, to write a second book putting forth the same ideas, but in a form more suited to youth (Karyn’s main readership).

Here’s the book on Karyn’s site.

Here’s the amazon link: Love Trumps Karma, Uncovering the Truth You Know You Know