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Writing Regularly

Since I started my other weblog, Open Source Love, I’ve been writing about four posts a week on it. (I don’t write that often here.) I don’t know that they are all of the highest quality but they are there and I am writing.
The original premise is that love is a universal constant with the human race, like natural law—really I think love is natural law. I am trying to get across the idea that we all know about love, to one degree or another, and that we all value it and try to apply it to our lives in whatever ways we feel we can.
I have been talking about various blocks and hindrances to love and the fact that we all struggle with these hindrances.
Here are some of the posts:
Love is First
Love: the Kernel of Natural Law
When Does Love Stop Loving?

And here’s the flagship post:
And Open Sourced Operating System for Humanity
So bookmark, syndicate it or put it in your networking system and watch this space.
Any pertinent feedback is welcome.