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Decent Heat

Note to myself: Get some decent heat in this place. There’s a gas space heater in the living room – vented to the outside, it heats up real nicely. But it only heats up two parts of the house very well – (1 )the spot right in front of it and (2) the upstairs hall, […]

A Perennial Steeplechase

Years ago Steve Taylor sang about church-changing as a steeplechase. Here’s a cartoon from Dave Walker that is along those same lines and mucho poignant. You can get his book here: The Dave Walker Guide to Church Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

Rat Poison

I knew there were mice here—one of them was working the night shift in the bedroom as I tried to sleep as all mice are wont to do. I thought, I gotta do something about this, but I didn’t want to use mouse traps because I didn’t want him smelling up the place till I […]

Perry County Place

Here’s a little movie I made last year at our place in Perry County. Here’s my Old Tennessee House web site.

Consciousness Overflow

Yesterday I saw a notice posted on the bulletin board at work announcing a lecture in Flynn Auditorium at Vanderbilt. It was to be about consciousness. “The Problem of Consciousness in Philosophy, Religion and Science.” A Templeton Lecture by Christof Koch As I looked I mumbled, “I want to go to that; it’s right up […]

I have a myspace now

Oh yeah, I have a myspace page now. Here’s where it is: OpenJoe’s MySpace I have some music there to listen to if you’re interested.

Weblog Cartoon

No, I do not have a television at my country house. But I thought this was pretty good and telling nonetheless. Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

Rootabaga Country

A couple years ago I decided to type up the Carl Sandburg’s Rootabaga Stories and put them on my web site. Dad had read some of them to us when we were kids so I had a place in my heart for them. It took a while but I got most of it done then […]

Me as PowerPoint volunteer

I do Power Point for the worship service at church. I got Randy to snap my picture. It was Sunday service on Christmas Eve day of 2006.

No Snow

It’s January in Tennessee and no snow! See:

A Christmas Classic (or not?)

Saturday afternoon, day before Christmas Eve, I watched a Christmas classic movie that wasn’t so classic. I was flipping around the high-numbered channels and the first thing that caught my attention was the familiar cast of colorization. I didn’t tune in at the very beginning, but I think I was pretty close. Where I came […]

Resurrection Lilies 2006

I love my resurrection lilies. We got three bunches this year. This is two bunches together. We would have had another bunch but I accidentally mowed it down with the lawn mower while it was still real short. We have only had these at this house for two seasons after moving them from our East […]

The Beautiful Dead

Every week, every night almost, the crime scene dramas seduce us with images of the beautiful dead. It’s always a lovely young woman, dressed in a party dress which, before the scene ends, must be stripped off, albeit gently by actors and actresses who skillfully play the parts of forensic scientists—roles which combine the great […]

Bunker Hill Standing Rock Road

This is our place. You wouldn’t believe all the trouble I had to go to to get a picture of this view. It’s lots of work, believe me. Mainly I have to go there and mow grass. More later.

Throwed Rolls et al

Around Christmas when we were planning to go to the Gulf Coast to visit family, my friend Beth told me to be sure to go to the place where they have the throwed rolls. Well, sure enough we went to Foley but Lambert’s Cafe was closed that day. I think it was Christmas Eve. So […]

Music Night on Elliston Place

On the spur of the moment I tagged along with my friend Steve to a music listening room in “almost downtown”, Elliston Place in Nashville. I didn’t even know where we were going till we got there. Steve had passes to see and hear John Davis. He’s a music journalist so he does a lot […]

Beautiful Foundations

I was in downtown Franklin today to pay our water bill at the City of Franklin complex. (We don’t live in the city limits [yet] but we do get our water from Franklin.) Anyway, they have a multilevel parking garage so I started up looking for a space. There were some narrow ones but I […]